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The space bar on my keyboard has a noticeable indentation right where my thumb hits it. It’s so smooth and streamlined that, when I first noticed it, I thought it must have come like that. What a perfect resting place for a thumb!

But time and erosion are more diligent than any product developer. They never let up.

To think that such tiny, soft taps of my fleshy thumb have worn down a piece of plastic and will keep wearing it down until it’s completely destroyed. I supposed I’m hitting that space bar more than anything else in my life. That’s true for many of us; a fraction of our destinies are connected by a withered space bar.

Moreso, we’re connected by the tapping: repetitive acts and thoughts that grind away at us. With enough time and neglect, a light touch in the same tender spot can destroy us.

But the remedy is as simple and subtle as the suffering. A small adjustment, a shift half an inch to the left or right, will break the cycle and end erosion’s reign. You don’t even have to know why you’re moving or what you’re moving toward. In the beginning, any movement will save you.

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24 February 2019